Salmon: a top-of-the-list source of nutrients and flavor

Salmon SashimiFish, and salmon in particular, has always been part of my diet. You can do so much with this wonderful fish. Whether roasting, grilling or smoking it, salmon never loses its taste or benefits.

Salmon is often referred to as an “oily” or “fatty” fish, but don’t let that term put you off. Salmon doesn’t taste at all oily and is not high in fat. In fact, salmon is one of the healthiest protein foods. It is rich in nutrients.

For today’s mouth-watering treat, we have a light lunch on our menu. This healthy flavorful meal can be assembled very quickly and will look impressive when you serve it to friends.

Side of smoked salmon
1 jar of red caviar
1 red leaf lettuce
2 tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 lemon

Wash the red leaf lettuce and place it on your plate. Then arrange the salmon, possibly in the shape of a rose, as I have done here. Cut your cucumber in half and stand four halved pieces on end to form a box which you can then fill with your choice of treat.  I have used red caviar  on this occasion. Slip in some tomato. Squeeze lemon juice over your salmon and voila! Enjoy.

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