Ribs that will rock your world, tender, juicy and succulent

Many meat lovers say that the best cut always is the filet, whether the meat’s pork, beef or lamb. But here’s a question to ponder. What’s the best way to prepare ribs? Broil, bake, roast? I’ve savored this marvelous delicacy on different continents and no matter which method of cooking; they are great so long as they’re tender. Tender, mouth watering, falling-off-the-bone-ribs are my favorite. How to get there is the next question. To marinate? Or not?

Ribs2 sides of pork ribs
2 large onions
2 cans beer
14 bay leaves
½ tbsp. oregano
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 carton beef stock

This is so simple! Peel and coarsely chop the onion. Divide the pork into three ribs per portion. Wash and lay in large pan, adding the onion. Pour over  the beer, beef stock, salt, pepper, bay leaves and oregano, It is important that all the meat is covered by the liquid. Now here’s the difficult part: place in the oven at 200 degrees F for four hours minimum, or until the ribs are tender. You needn’t worry about turning. They simply stew in the liquids.

Once tender, remove the ribs from the liquid and leave to rest for a half-hour. Everybody should have their own choice of barbecue sauce, be it hot, spicy, honey and garlic, hickory, sweet and sticky. We simply baste one side of the ribs and add my favourite seasoning, a ready mixed brand, which I purchase from the local store. Place on the barbecue, the sauce side face down and then baste the other side with the sauce. Leave on a relatively low heat, 300 F, for five minutes. Turn over for a final five minutes.

Place the serving of ribs on a plate with a side bowl of your sauce, have a light salad and let the feast begin. Messy, sticky, gooey, but really good.

Originally posted by Ian Leatt on http://lifestyles55.ca

2 thoughts on “Ribs that will rock your world, tender, juicy and succulent

    • Good question, because they just need to be eaten? They taste awesome… I like you could look at them all day, but the taset and smell, sheesh knocks my socks off…

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