Damn those condescending surveys…

I recently read an article which honestly excuse, the use of bad language pissed me off. I will enlighten you as to my thoughts and the reasons behind it, please do not take offence I mean no harm, just well, it took me by total surprise.

The article was based on findings on how to find and understand a good man against a bad one. These findings to me are a total joke, if agencies have nothing else of importance to study and write about; I think they just make up useless idiosyncratic bullshit.

Here are some of the statements, now remember these statements are for women deciding on a relationship with a potential new partner;

If you enter his bedroom and have to climb over his clothes run, he obviously misses his mother!

If you enter his bedroom and he has white sheets, get this… Check for stains.

If you enter his bedroom and he has dark sheets, he is trying to hide the fact that they haven’t been cleaned in months… Run

If you enter his bedroom and look in the closet, his clothes are a pile of mess on the floor, run, he will have you doing all the washing and ironing…

If you enter his bedroom (now here it starts to get really interesting) and his room is clean and his sheets are pressed, run he is a psychopathic neat freak.

If you enter his bedroom and his closet has all his shirts colour coordinated and ironed, run he is psychotic.

If you enter his bedroom and he has oil paintings on the wall, run he is gay.

If you enter his room and he has mirrors on the ceiling and pictures of nude women on the walls, he is trying to hide the fact that he is inadequate in bed. Run.

If you enter his bedroom and he has striped sheets… He is the one…Really, stripes! What on earth is that all about?

For those of you who do not know me I am not a neat freak, nor am I gay, (nothing is meant by this statement, each to their own) nor am I a psycho of any form.

The reason this irks me so much is that unlike many I like pressed sheets when I change my bedsheets, call me nuts, tell me I have too much time on my hands, but I like to know that when I jump into a clean bed it is just that! Clean! Here is a question, if you were to stay overnight at a hotel, would you complain upon entering your room if the sheets were not ironed and were all creased? Begs the question really, doesn’t it!

Am I wrong? I wonder? No surely not my grandmother is screaming in my mind right about now, “Cleanliness is next to godliness” not that I am a religious person but it all makes sense to me. I have friends who to be honest are even more freakish about having everything in its place, and that really is why I take umbrage to this very odd survey… Really.

Pictures on the walls! I agree with nude women and mirrors and some inadequacy, but paintings… I don’t get it. I have paintings…  Is it not a personal taste kind of thing?

All in all I find that the statements of above simply do not stack up. On another note as this is only for women to men, I wonder if a study has been done on the same scale as for men to women… Now that I would find interesting? I wonder what their findings would be. Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Damn those condescending surveys…

  1. Goes to show that if you are a guy, no matter what, you just can’t win! (just kidding…). I am a neat freak and proud of it. Never be ashamed of your pressed sheets!! (although you might be one in a million)

    • Is it wrong, I dont think so, perhaps I was raised different. Oh I have lots of new recipes will have the veal one up soon, promise. Not sure about the one in a million but thanks… What was it? Ah yes I remember “A tidy home is a hppy home” hehehe

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