I care…

This feeling that we get when someone close is unwell can sometimes be too much for any of us to bear. Having; recently had a very close friend go through a lot, I believe it is always best to be strong and brave through it all, not for yourself. But for the person, they may not say much whilst they suffer and show through time true courage, be there for them when they need you, for after all they would be there for you.

The little things may be small to you but to them they are enormous, stay true, loyal, patient and kind understanding and listening to them when called upon. We can all learn from these courageous people no matter their age.

I Care

I’m sending this to let you know
I think of you each day,
And pray for your recovery,
Hoping soon you’ll be okay.

You’re going through a lot right now;
You’re treatments can be trying;
Remember while you do them
It’s your problem you’re defying.

Hold on to your positive attitude,
And when things get hard to bear,
Know that I am here for you;
Remember that I care.

And when you’re well and flourishing,
Look back and realize,
You learned what you were made of;
That’s a reward that satisfies!

I believe in you; you can do it!

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