Do the curmudgeons of this world have it right?

Another day goes by and it seems to me as though this year has been the quickest yet! I remember when I was a little younger, when with company they would sometimes say “life flies by as you get older” and I know I didn’t think much of it, but what happened to 2012? We are in October??? Really!!!  I just can’t get to grips with it, so many plans at the beginning of the year and now, well winter is looming. An ominous thought, if you know where I live you know it gets a little bitter here on the prairies.

Still less of those short cloudless cold days with heaps of snow, (I know I said the white stuff) I have a mind to do more and stick to my guns… I will do some of the things I wanted to get done this year even if there is only 13 weeks left, OMG that sounds even shorter…  (I will let you know how I get on)

Let’s see now, fitness; mmm need to do more exercises and not just in my dreams, or wishes… The waist line has grown a little must take more care… perhaps that’s why my back has been aching a little more? I wonder? There I was putting it down to an age thing.

What else, I’ve been thinking about kindness and how it works, there are lots of kind people who genuinely do many kind things and don’t even think about it. What do I do??? Begs the question really, the other day I had just finished my grocery shopping and was unloading into my truck. This man approached me, seemed nice enough clean shaven, clean clothes. I thought he was looking for my shopping cart.  “Excuse me” he enquired, “Do you have any spare cash, my car is out of gas and I was looking to buy some beer?”

Firstly as my mind was racing! On what planet would you walk up to a complete stranger and say something quite as innocuous as that last statement; such as he did!! Really my mind works pretty good, I stood there and thought for a second, his car was out of gas and he was looking to purchase some beer? “Ok here’s what you do, phone up a friend or family member to come and help you out with your vehicle, as for beer, you shouldn’t be drinking and driving?” Really, I don’t mind helping out the homeless but this guy was having a serious laugh…

What is it that makes us tick? We all have our routines and goals and dreams, is that what makes us tick? Are we openly honest with our nearest and dearest? Having had several unfortunate relationships in the past, (that’s where they are) I have found myself wondering if love is real? No matter what anyone tells me I have to consider that like the Pareto effect (the 80 – 20 rule) can be applied to every relationship? I base this only on myself and my own thoughts. I wonder if a study has ever been undertaken using this effect? I mean how many people can honestly say that they are truly happy with their respective partner? Is it based mostly on routine or habit?

Speaking from the heart I can say that I thought I was happy once in one relationship but that ended (rather ugly) then the second the same issue occurred? Why? Why the real question which I think opened my eyes to the Pareto reasoning…  If 80% of people say they are happy then they would be lying leaving only 20% of people truly happy! I wonder if you read this would you consider looking at your own life and asking yourself (if you are in a relationship) are you happy? Are you truly happy? Do the curmudgeons of this world have it right?

Photo credit: Gayl Punzalan

One thought on “Do the curmudgeons of this world have it right?

  1. I ask myself that question nearly every day – about relationships and life in general. With age, I have come to the place where happiness is more easily attainable. Maybe because time does indeed move faster and many things seem irrelevant and I don’t sweat them anymore, or because I have learnt to be in the moment a little bit more. I still have unfulfilled dreams I strive towards but, more importantly, I think I have learnt to enjoy the process. Relationships, work, dreams all need daily effort, and it is in that effort I strive to find happiness. Does it make sense? Sometimes I would like to throw my partner out of the window but the old reactive me has given way to someone with a more laid back approach. Happiness in a relationship is made up of many things: sweet gestures, understanding, caring for each other, passion, boredom and habit. And the occasional screaming match. I hope you find it (happiness, not the screaming matches part…)

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