Washroom nightmare…

Here’s a funny thing; working in an office can be quite comical also. This one chap in the office who has a little problem with Mondays (shall we say), was in work on Tuesday. He wasn’t feeling too good but was in work nonetheless. If he is not coming in, he always calls even if he is just running late. Well, Wednesday comes around and no sign of him, not a call, nothing. Was he ok, was the whisper through the office…

All I could think of was he was unwell on Tuesday; perhaps he is still under the weather? How wrong could I have been! Thursday comes around; I get in to the office and low and behold in walks our man, looking a little tethered!  “What happened yesterday are you ok?”  I asked as I was the only one in the office at the time. “Well,” he says still looking at me a little dishevelled, “I was getting ready yesterday morning; brushed my teeth then jumped in the shower. I got out of the shower and the door to my washroom’s handle had fallen out. No handle means no way out!” he says and as he continues to describe the sheer terror of his day he starts to shake… 12 hours go by no way out of the washroom. The window does not open. Panic stricken, he tells me how he was constantly banging on the window until finally a neighbour hears his plight… Coming to his rescue…

I listened to the anguish he had gone through and, like all normal people, I had to ask the obvious question. What was the question? “Why did you shut the bathroom door, you live on your own?” the answer, “My dog tries to get in the shower with me!” Keeping a straight face I turned and looked away, it was obviously true. He was clearly shaken by this entire experience… What is the morale of this story, leave the washroom door open; if the dog tries to get in the shower with you don’t let him. Be the master of your own home… Sheesh where is Caesar Milan when you need him?????

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