Banana peel slip up

All the doom and gloom and ranting needs to be lightened up…

In light of my previous posts I thought it was about time to show a slightly more humorous side to who I am. Really, it is not all doom and gloom out there in this big old crazy place we call the world. One is not panicking about what may happen; come to think of it, typically I am a positive sort of person… You know, the sort that sees the glass half full, not half empty I think that is right…

I was out walking the other day through one of the local malls when something happened. You know, window shopping can be fun. There I was minding my own business, cup of coffee in hand looking through a window at a display that I thought was rather catching, when this pretty young lady walked past and knocked me accidentally. She seemed busy and it was only a glance. Turning and smiling she said “Sorry”. “No problem,” I replied as she turned back to face the way she was going. That’s when it happened…

A misplaced piece of banana peel and well she was over in a flash; legs in the air, hand bag in the air. As I looked on I noticed a young couple do an immediate about turn laughing as they did so. A small crowd of teenagers pointing fingers and laughing, but no one came to her aid. Shocked to say the least, I walked up to her; helping her to her feet I asked if she was ok. “Thank you,” she replied smiling once again, picking up her hand bag she turned and walked away… Was it just me? What had happened? Who was this girl? And furthermore was she ok?

Not thinking anymore, I continued to meander through the mall; window shopping, people watching nothing much looked that appetizing when suddenly, there was this young woman once again, only this time walking towards me, smiling. “Hey” she said as we got closer, “I wanted to say thank you. Here.” she said smiling at me and handing me a lottery ticket, “May it bring you all your dreams.” “Um, thanks, but you didn’t have to,” I replied a little dumfounded… “No I insist!” she said. “You showed me that there is kindness in the world.” Turning, she walked away. Well it was the lottery yesterday and… I didn’t win!!! So what was the morale of the story…? Was she the lucky one who tried to share or was I the unlucky one? Neither.  My thoughts are, one day if I slip on a banana peel and get helped, I will save the five bucks but give them a coffee instead.

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