Transcendental Meanderings: 2012

Is the world, as we know it, ending in 2012?

I have been thinking lately about all sorts of crazy things, I mean let’s face it the world is in so much turmoil good news is not that apparent for any of us to see. We have the elections in the US! Economy not really improving around the world! Employment hard to find! Always, a threat of war? Sheesh what has happened to the good times.

I mean when I was growing up sure there were troubles around the globe; but it did seem to me even at that young age that it wasn’t as bad as it is now! I mean it was relatively safe to walk along the street without someone stopping you. My real thought here, did John Lennon get it right! ‘Give Peace a Chance’ seems to me that perhaps he did!!! God bless you John still greatly missed, by me and many…

Not that I am saying anything bad, on the contrary all I am really saying is what about our fellow mankind, kinship, what has happened to chivalry? Does it even exist in modern day society? Do you see yourself opening doors for ladies, standing when a lady enters the room, or even when sitting at a table? Do we even use our manners at all? My grandmother honed them into me when I was young, “Manners maketh man”! Wow even now I think back; she was so right.

I love to watch people, you know people are always in a rush, very few sitting reading books or strolling along; people appear so busy, like ants I think, where are they going? What are they doing? Are they late for something?  I am sure if we all took time just five minutes something good could happen, slow down for five minutes and see what you can achieve, a little piece of heaven perhaps. Who knows something; whatever trouble you may think you have may just disappear… Just a thought, but really are we all so busy that we don’t have time to look up and enjoy what is around us. The sky really is blue; the sun really does shine; the stars do come out at night, ok so there is no man in the moon but it really does shine…

Mayan Calendar

Which brings me to 2012, what is going to happen? Did the Mayan’s get it right? What is so important about the white buffalo? Why did the Mayan calendar end, or did it? Is it something we are just told and chose to believe or not? So many different beliefs all foretelling doom and gloom? Is it doom and gloom, or is it something else?

Is the world changing? From the way the weather has been over the past 10 even 15 years one would think that something is going to happen, that we have been living through these changes already. Is the world going to move slightly off axis? Will it tilt causing mass destruction and confusion or is this just the Millennium effect all over again? The ‘what if’ is all we as normal minded folk have. What does Stephen Hawking believe? Has physics given us the answer yet as to what could happen? What if something does truly happen, then what? Really what?

Finally, is there life outside of our solar system? Are there really little or large green men? Have they really visited us? I often think that having now realised time travel is possible it is our future selves that we see, perhaps they travel through time and visit certain events, some movies have come up with other ideas on this not to mention any here but could it be? Is there really a purpose that we all have for being in the here and now, remember the pebble in the water theory the ripple effect. So what purpose do we have? Surely it’s not just for procreation?

So many thoughts buzz through my head it is enough to think of oneself as a little crazy but then again aren’t we all? I can’t be the only one who has these sorts of thoughts! It was only the other day I was talking with a friend and he tells me he has had similar thoughts? Shocked to say the least!

Well that’s about it for now, perhaps; we can go a little deeper next time into this it really slays me how life itself is so short, history tells us and shows us how little we still understand what really this world is all about.

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