Dover Soul, my love

Hiding below the surface of reality
Having found refuge in the hands of fantasy
Illusion is what lies ahead
Stimulating my crazy head

The clock tick tocks as the time passes away
All I can think of is you in my memory
In my soul you’ve been engraved, deep within
I keep you there, with odd things between

Can’t seem to touch with my grasp
I can no longer hold on with my clasp
It is strange you’re not so far
It shows though that you really are

Cool exterior is my false façade
Pompous admiration is what I hide
Can’t stop to think of you everyday
It turns out I am already in disarray

I am embraced with invisibility
I have this unnoticed agility
Invaded by hollowness
Torn asunder thoughts, its craziness

Sometimes I think your mirage, an illusion
Ironically; you have a different devotion
Don’t know when to let it all out from these walls
Confused and sandwiched still between truth and false

Ah Dover Soul, I miss thee.

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